Barack Obama's presidential inauguration in Washington DC

We believe the Democratic Party needs to recruit and nurture a different sort of candidate. The candidates we support upend the conventional wisdom that only those well-connected in donor circles are worthy of high office. Our candidates are, instead, connected to and representative of their districts, have first-person experience with the problems faced by middle-income and working-class families, and are from walks of life not well represented in Congress.

Our method is the recruitment and support of excellent candidates in Republican-held congressional districts in Midwestern and Appalachian states. Doing that requires a Democratic Party that is classically Progressive, true to its working-class roots, and focused on issues of consequence to those who work not for personal fulfillment but for a living. The people who are one broken-down car from economic catastrophe. The people who don’t have a private school option or deep pockets to buy politicians’ attention. People watching their home towns wither, their healthcare grow more expensive and complicated, and who feel invisible in our current big-money politics.

We must compete even in difficult districts, waging real campaigns and offering strong candidates, rebuilding the party’s organizing infrastructure and convincing people to return to the Progressivism that made America great in the first place.

We’re working to win back the trust of voters who feel abandoned by the party’s attachment to Wall Street and who are deeply concerned about their family’s economic future. That’s why the People’s House Project will incubate and accelerate candidates who offer an alternative vision based on working class solidarity and respect for the dignity of every American.

When we’re done, the American House of Representatives will once again stand as the People’s House.