Krystal Preferred 400

Krystal Ball is an author, activist, social media innovator, and recovering Congressional candidate. She is best known as the co-host of the MSNBC program “The Cycle”, and for hundreds of television appearances on shows as diverse as “The O’Reilly Factor” and “Real Time with Bill Maher”. She has been a featured speaker at Columbia, Princeton, Harvard, and George Washington University, and a guest lecturer at the New School in New York City.

Her writing has appeared in publications such as US News and World Report, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, and Politico, and she is central to Glamour magazine’s political coverage, where she concentrates on issues important to women. Her new book, Reversing the Apocalypse: Hijacking the Democratic Party to Save the World, is a courageous manifesto calling for change in the leadership and focus of the Democratic Party.

Following her 2010 Congressional campaign, Forbes magazine named her one of the Most Powerful Women in the Mid-Term Elections, and The Week designated her as one of the Top Eight Political Stars of 2010, along with Marco Rubio, Scott Brown and Chris Christie.

She commutes between Washington and her home in Louisville, Kentucky, where she lives with her husband, Jonathon, and their three adorably willful children.