Endorsed Candidates


Ojeda BDU CU 150

Richard Ojeda

West Virginia 3rd Congressional District

Richard Ojeda is retired Army engineer who spent several years leading a combat security team in Iraq. He is a loud, proud West Virginian, and People's House Project believes he will be a passionate and energetic advocate for the interests of the people of West Virginia, and working people everywhere

Phillips 150

Mariah Phillips

Tennessee 4th Congressional District

Mariah Phillips is a schoolteacher, a former trouble-shooter for Starbucks, and a mother of five. People’s House Project proudly endorses her as a candidate meeting our principles for election to Congress, and believe electing her to Congress will improve governance for all Americans.

Crossey headon 150

Mike Crossey

Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District

Mike Crossey is a retired teacher, union official, and county councilman who personifies what American politics needs more of. We believe Mike Crossey will be an invaluable addition to the House of Representatives, a passionate and energetic advocate for the interests of the Pennsylvania 18th and working families everywhere.

Bryce 150

Randy Bryce

Wisconsin 1st Congressional District

Randy Bryce is an ironworker who is taking-on House Speaker Paul Ryan. An official in his Union, Bryce is gaining a lot of traction reminding people how little Ryan, as a national pollitician, actually does for his home district.  We believe Randy can unseat Speaker Ryan, and that he will be a committed advocate for his constituents.